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Surprising sexual benefits of laughter

It is not a secret anymore that funny guys, who laugh a lot and make women respond to their jokes, are doing great in bed. If you were thinking that this is because women are generally attracted to men who have a good sense of humor, you might be wrong. At least researchers do not share this opinion with us, since some studies have set up a real link between laughter and men’ sexual performances .

The explanation seems quite simple, as soon as we get to hear it, and is related to the blood pressure. For your tool to properly function, you need to have a decent blood pressure, so that the penis to receive enough blood in order to hold an erection for as much as you need. With damaged arteries you have little chances to reach special performances. It is the opinion of the researchers activating at School of Medicine at the Maryland University, who claim that if you laugh more, you improve your overall cardiovascular health and you treat your erectile dysfunctions as well.

In order to increase the blood volume circulating through the vessels, these must be able to expand or dilate as required. But even for this apparently simple thing, the so – called endothelium, the inner tissue of the blood vessels, needs to be stimulated, which is apparently what laughing does.

If that would be all, we could stay without laughter when not feeling like having fun. However, it seems that just as laugh can make you get over some sexual difficulties, not laughing will have the opposite effect, of vasoconstriction, making the blood vessels less flexible and the penis’ supplying less effective. Otherwise said, the more you laugh, the better will be your performances, and the more you are sad, the worse you will be doing in the bedroom. This one looks pretty much like a vicious circle since even having good sex regularly makes a person happier…

While results were proven, doctors still do not have a certain explanation for this particular effect. Some say that laughing releases endorphins that make us feel better and more relaxed, or that the stress reduces our nitric oxide internal resources, which are responsible with helping the endothelium to dilate.

Now, you should also keep in mind that laughing will not give results over night, since it takes some time in order to make a real difference. During the study initiated at the American Heart Association, the subjects were monitored for a few months and only after 12 weeks their blood pressure really decreased with about six points, and even this result is a modest one. Nevertheless, it proves that the theory is viable and if we get to think that is does not cost us at all, we should have no retentions against trying it.

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